Critics love the “Urchins”!

The reviews are in! Our production of “Little Shop” at the Cleveland Playhouse has been described as “a creepy delight” and “campy fun.” But what did they think of our version of the Urchins? Director Amanda Dehnert made a bold choice in turning the traditional 60’s girl group into an all-out rock band (think less Supremes and more Go-Go’s!). Happy to say that everyone seems to have loved the reimagining… Here’s what critics had to say:

“Perhaps the best part of the production is the incorporation of the Urchins into a 5-piece band. The five women (Kate Ferber, Alanna Saunders, Hallie Bulleit, Brittany Campbell and Injoy Fountain) are a fantastic addition to the stage. The ladies pick up the usual Urchin lines and rock out stage right with subtle interactions with the other characters throughout the show. The band is tight, well-harmonized and fantastically dressed.”

“Especially important is that the three-person doo-wop singers become the five-piece swinging Urchins, who sing, play instruments, and perform various roles with power and panache.”  –

“(The Urchins) are legit rockers and do their thing with an energy and attitude that might even make Courtney Love break into a rare smile.”

“The Urchins provide musical accompaniment and narrate the show’s storyline by way of soulful R&B harmonies and a splash of choreography. They are delightful.”

“The Urchins rock the house.” –

“(The band is) full of beautiful faces, and bodacious musical talent. These ladies serve some realness for dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” –



So, so thrilled to say I’ll be joining the cast of Little Shop of Horrors at the Cleveland Playhouse this winter. The production will be helmed by visionary director Amanda Dehnert who plans to give the show a little makeover (anyone who knows her work will know that she is the queen of reinvention). I’ll be playing one of the urchins– normally portrayed as a 60’s style girl-group– but this time re-imagined as an all-girl power pop band. WHICH MEANS I’LL BE PLAYING BASS IN THE SHOW!! Yesssssss.

The renowned Cleveland Playhouse celebrates it’s 100th season of acclaimed theater this year, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with them!

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