South by South-Awesome!

Back in town from an incredible week at the South by Southwest Festival! Trying to keep a piece of sunny Austin tucked inside me as I’m back trudging through the New York snow and slush 🙂

“The Chris Gethard Show” had fantastic (and predictably chaotic) showcase at the IFC Crossroads House performing as part of IFC’s amazing comedy lineup which included shows by Comedy Bang! Bang! and Marc Maron. Once our show was out of the way, I divided my time between eating breakfast tacos, laying in a hammock, and seeing about 6 bands a day.


We got to practice for the show at the IFC trailer, accompanied by the sound of nearby chickens and dogs and birds. Let’s just say practice went longer than normal, as all of us were perfectly content to just sit there and play music all day.

I left my heart in Austin, Texas!