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Hiccup record

Hiccup has been down in Philadelphia working on our first full-length. Working with producer Kyle Gilbride, we recorded 12 new songs for the album which will come out on Father/Daughter Records this fall. Cannot wait to get this thing out so everyone can sing along 🙂

If you wanna understand how excited we were to work with Kyle, check out this feature The Fader did on him last year.

Version 2

Hiccup single debuts on Stereogum

Stereogum debuted a brand new track from my band, “Hiccup”, today. The song, entitled “Fuckup”, will appear on our upcoming single on Father/Daughter Records, and is available for pre-order on our Bandcamp site.

Check out the Stereogum feature here, and watch the video below!

The Unlovables

The Unlovables

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The Chris Gethard Show (The LLC)

The Chris Gethard Show (The LLC)

Welcome To The Chris Gethard Show

Hallie Bulleit

Hallie Bulleit

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MC Chris

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